How a Tweet Brought My Internet Back Up


Last week my Internet started dropping and it resulted in me having to stop a webcast for a client.  Because my telephone is VOIP, whenever my Internet is down, so is my telephone line. The constant dropping of the Internet was a big inconvenience for one my clients, who had paid for and arranged to attend the webcast and it was aggravating to me, to say the least.

The Internet problems persisted for four consecutive days. And on each of those four days I called my cable company, Cox Communications in Tulsa, for help. Now, the thing about my Internet problem is, it was sporadic. The Internet would go down and come back up, usually pretty quickly. By the time I reached a live person at Cox, I’d be back online. One Tech I spoke with told me there was nothing they could do for me because at the time of my call, nothing was wrong.

Frustrated, I logged on to Twitter and posted this gripe:

“Cox Communications in Tulsa just basically told me there’s nothing they can do about my modem constantly dropping Internet!!!!”7:23 PM Apr 7th from web.

First thing the next morning, I received the following Tweet from Cox Communications:

If you need help getting your Internet problems resolved I’m here to help.

8:33 AM Apr 8th from web in reply to myragolden


Even though I actually teach companies how to get involved in online conversations with consumers and use social media for customer service, I was blown away with the immediate response from Cox. I was wearing my “consumer” hat and this was totally unexpected.

I couldn’t believe Cox had a Twitter account and that they monitored Twitter conversations. Not only was Cox listening, but they actually solved my problem! I learned from the Cox Twitter guy that my modem was transmitting high signals and that it was working too hard. The problem was quickly resolved with a service call, which the Twitter guy setup for me.

Now, how did the Cox Communications find my gripe so quickly? Probably, the Cox Twitter guy went to TwitterSearch.Com and typed in Cox Communications. Twitter Search offers real-time search of tweets, that’s Twitter entries. Once he typed in “Cox Communications” he was able to immediately see my tweet and he we was able to reply with an offer to help. And he saved the day for me. Not only that, but his intervention resulted in a ton of positive word-of-mouse advertising for the company. After I received his initial tweet, I posted another tweet that praised the company. Not only that, but  I shared the story with all of my FaceBook friends and now I’m sharing it with you.

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