How much does agent turnover cost a call center?

Q. One of our top challenges in my call center is agent turnover. Do you have any statistics on the cost of agent turnover on the call center or the company?

Myra’s answer How much does agent turnover cost a call center?

The call center industry historically deals with extremely high turnover, with some outbound and telemarketing centers experiencing rates greater than 100% annually. More typically, a service or other inbound center may experience rates ranging from 10% to 50% or more annually. According to a recent poll of 1,000 call center managers, the average turnover is 19 percent. The highest were credit card centers at 46.9 percent.

There are more than three million customer service representatives (CSRs) working in North America. This means approximately 600,000 new CSRs must be recruited and trained each year. At an estimated cost of $5,000 each to replace each CSR, agent turnover can soon become a costly business.