How do I get all of my supervisors together for calibration?

My call center has a great quality monitoring program and it’s been well received by our call center agents. We have had some challenges with consistency and most likely, regular calibration sessions will help, but we just cannot find the time to get every supervisor together. What suggestions might you have for getting an entire team of call center supervisors together for call monitoring calibrations sessions?

Myra’s answer to How do I get all of my supervisors together for calibration?   

A couple of suggestions:  If you’re currently only meeting once a month for calibration, you might go to twice monthly, that way if not everyone shows up at one meeting, you still have another session that month in which they could meet.

Another idea is to hold your calibration sessions weekly. I realize that sounds like a huge commitment of time – time you don’t have, and it is a scheduling nightmare, but here’s what it does for you:  If you hold calibration meetings weekly, for example, every Friday at 9:00am, you could then make it mandatory that every supervisor attends one calibration meeting per month. It doesn’t matter which Friday session, as long as they do attend one of the four Friday sessions.

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