What is the customer’s true motive?

Q. What do you make of customers calling to complain and saying they don’t want anything – they just want to “share feedback.” Do you have any idea of wheter sending them a travel voucher or something in anyway helps recover/retain them as customers. Or should it be taken at face value and no compensation be offered?

Myra’s Answer to: What is the customer’s true motive?

When I was leading a Consumer Affairs Department years ago, I faced the same thin g often. Irate callers would escalate to me and after I listened with a true intent to understand and offered a sincere apology, they’d surprisingly tell me that they wanted no compensation, but instead wanted to be “heard”.

I would take the customer at face value and not automatically try to force compensation or follow-up with compensation. What I would do, however, is follow-up the conversation with a thank you letter to thank the customer for their feedback and to once again apologize for the problem they experienced. This letter will serve to create goodwill and re-establish trust. And it will increase the chances that the customer will fly with you again. At random or as you feel it’s appropriate, you can offer a concrete form of apology such as a travel voucher.

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