What is the customer’s true motive?

Q. What do you make of customers calling to complain and saying they don’t want anything – they just want to “share feedback.” Do you have any idea of wheter sending them a travel voucher or something in anyway helps recover/retain them as customers. Or should it be taken at face value and no compensation be offered?

Myra’s Answer to: What is the customer’s true motive?

When I was leading a Consumer Affairs Department years ago, I faced the same thin g often. Irate callers would escalate to me and after I listened with a true intent to understand and offered a sincere apology, they’d surprisingly tell me that they wanted no compensation, but instead wanted to be “heard”.

I would take the customer at face value and not automatically try to force compensation or follow-up with compensation. What I would do, however, is follow-up the conversation with a thank you letter to thank the customer for their feedback and to once again apologize for the problem they experienced. This letter will serve to create goodwill and re-establish trust. And it will increase the chances that the customer will fly with you again. At random or as you feel it’s appropriate, you can offer a concrete form of apology such as a travel voucher.

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Myra Golden

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A well-designed customer experience can give an organization maximum competitive impact, but bad customer service can be a company’s worst nightmare. Veteran customer experience expert Myra Golden helps companies improve the customer experience. Myra understands the psychology of the customer experience and shares her expertise in her customer service interventions; tackling everything from performing mystery shop visits and quality checks to removing bottleneck steps to positioning employees to make emotional connections with customers.

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