What is caller ID spoofing?

Q. In order to more effectively reach consumers in our outbound calling I was told to research caller ID spoofing. Can you explain what caller ID spoofing is? 

Myra’s answer to: “What is caller id spoofing?”

Caller ID spoofing (also referred to as fake caller ID)  is changing what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. In a perfect world, caller ID spoofing would be used only to make calls truly private. Unfortunately, this technology often falls into the wrong hands and people use it to misrepresent companies for a myriad of hoaxes. To be perfectly blunt, some people use fake numbers to steal from  un-suspecting consumers. 

Caller ID spoofing allows callers to disguise their voice as a man or woman, to change the number displayed on the caller ID, and to record the message.

Honestly, I cannot think of an ethical reason for a call center to spoof callers. If you want to keep your number private, I’d simply block the number on the caller ID by pressing *67.

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