“How to Handle Difficult Customers” Training Kit for corporate trainers

How to Handle Difficult Customers In-House Training Kit

Everything You Need for a Total Complaint Handling Training Experience 

Get your training materials now and equip your employees to deal with difficult customers with diplomacy and tact, say “no” without causing resentment, respond to negotiation ploys, and resolve problems without giving away the store.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 13 prewritten training modules
  • Reproducible comprehensive participant workbook that drives home key points and serves as a reference point long after the training is over.
  • High-impact PowerPoint presentation that you can use as is or customize with your logo and specific examples.
  • Detailed trainer’s notes to help you quickly get ready to train.
  • Supplemental worksheets that assure employees have a solid grasp on key points.
  • Certificate for free consultation with Myra Golden – Consult with Myra about the philosophy, objectives or delivery of this training program before you deliver it!
  • Delivered digitally so that you’ll have this entire training system at your finger tips in minutes!
  • Howto Hints on delivering a measurably effective training.    


 Covers Every Critical Complaint Handling Issue!

 Just a sample of the subjects covered in the training:

  • The Psychology of Customer Recovery
  • 10 Customer expectations in problem situations
  • The 10 Golden Rules for Complaint Resolution
  • 13 Phrases – word-for-word – that work like a charm with unhappy customers
  • The Psychology of customer anger
  • Ten Ways to Get an Angry Customer to Back Down
  • A 7-Step Strategy for Handling the Verbally Abusive Customer
  • Saying “No” to Customers Without Causing Resentment —Or Worse, Losing the Customer
  • Dealing with Customers Who Demand to Speak to a Supervisor
  • Verbal Aikido: What Steven Se g al taught me about dealing with difficult customers
  • Sorry Works! The Magical Power of a Simple Apology!
  • 5 Great Responses to use When You’re the Target of Verbal Abuse
  • Four Tactics For Handling a Problem That Was Caused By the Customer

Download a sample training module, learn more or order: http://tinyurl.com/366a4he

About the 10 Golden Rules for Complaint Resolution Trainer’s Kit

This nationally recognized training program can make your customer service representatives more effective in communicating with unhappy customers than ever before. The results of this seminar are dramatic and immediately visible.

You get measurable results from this training…immediately. Most of our clients report the following results after taking the seminar:

  • Increased confidence in dealing with difficult customers
  • Measurable reductions in the amount of money spent to resolve problems
  • A greater sense of pride in customer service work and improved job satisfaction
  • Ability to control calls more effectively
  • Ability to negotiate resolutions that balance the interests of both the customer and the company
  • Reduction in calls escalated to supervisors

The “physical” Training Kit is $299, but for a limited time you can have the electronic, immediately downloadable version for $99 

Download a sample training module, learn more or order: http://tinyurl.com/366a4he