Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?

Two years ago I walked into my client’s office for the first time for an exploratory meeting. The aroma of deli sandwiches and fresh salads was in the air. I spotted a buffet table surrounded by a few dozen employees. When I sat down in the Human Resource Director’s office I asked what special event accounted for the luncheon. She explained that there was no special event, “We provide lunch for our employees every day.”

“Lunch is provided every day?” I asked. “Yes. Every day we provide free lunch to every employee.” I was blown away. I actually have conducted full-day seminars for companies that didn’t so much as provide pastries for breakfast, let along lunch. And this company is giving every employee free lunch every day!

That’s Like Putting an Extra $1,200 in Your Pocket Every Year.

I wondered if the employees fully realized the perk they were getting. When I eat out for lunch, I spend an average of $5. That’s $25 a week. $100 a month. $1,200 a year. When I eat out I drive, which means I’m also spending money on gas. This company is giving employees a minimum of $1,200 in food a year…a $1,200 net savings to each employee.

What company is providing this amazing benefit, you ask? Video Gaming Technologies. Check ‘em out here. Take a look at my full cool client list here.