9 Reasons I Love My iPad

From the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in a keynote address, I knew I was getting one. But I held off, promising myself that I’d get the iPad when I reached my goal of working up to running 5 miles a day. I wasn’t even running 1 mile a day when I set this goal. Well, I reached my goal and I went right to Target and bought myself a 32-GB 3G iPad. I knew I’d like it, as I’m a gadget geek. But I was surprised to discover that I love it and with it I am so much more productive in business. Here are 9 reasons I love my iPad.

1. Business presentations are easier and more fun with my iPad. I load all PowerPoint slide decks on my iPad, open them in my “Keynote” app and dock my iPad to a projector using a $29.99 VGA adapter that I got from the Apple Store. Using my iPad for presentations is a timesaver because there is no boot up time. My iPad never fails to generate interest from audience participants who think it’s cool to use an iPad in a presentation. And it’s just plain fun to advance slides by touching the screen. I no longer haul my laptop on business trips. This makes getting through airport security a lot easier and faster.

2. iBooks is the best eReader out there. I’ve actually forgotten that I was reading on an electronic device more than once. iBooks turns pages much like an actual book and the iPad’s size makes it even feel like you’re holding a book. I find myself using the dictionary feature in nearly every chapter of books to get meanings of unfamiliar words. Unlike a lot of eReaders on the market, iBooks is easily viewable in dark areas because of the screen’s backlight. I love having my fiction, self-help and business library with me at all times. Having my library with me at all times means I am reading so much more…in the car as I wait for my kids to come out of school, at the salon, in airports, etc. Unfortunately, iBooks has a limited selection of books, but there’s a simple workaround: download free apps for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo and you’ll have every book on earth available to you.

3. iPad offers an incredible web browsing experience. The large multi-touch screen makes web surfing an “experience.”

4. Photo viewing is extraordinarily. The vivid LED-backlit display makes photos come alive with high-definition color. I actually downloaded more than 2000 photos from my computer to my iPad. The other day I propped my iPad up on the Apple easel (Apple’s iPad case doubles as an easel) and played a slideshow of photos with jazz from Pandora playing in the background. It’s the perfect digital picture frame.

5. It’s great for viewing movies, TV shows and video podcasts. The 9.7 inch high resolution screen is far better for video viewing than my portable DVD player. Occassionally I can’t get outside to run. When I do my runs on my treadmill, I prop my iPad securely on my treadmill’s display panel and I can watch two 30-minute shows or podcast episodes during my 5-mile run…and the time just flies by.

6. I am even more mobile with my iPad. The advent of smart phones really freed small business owners like me from the bondage of desk and computer. iPad has taken mobile working to the next level. Last week I counted 3 days where I didn’t even go into my office or turn on my laptop. With business apps like Pages (Apple’s equivalent of Word), GoToMeeting (ability to attend web meetings right from my iPad), WordPress, and Box (online file storage) I can conduct most all business right from my iPad. Love that!

7. The Keyboard Dock gives me the feel and productivity of a computer. If you have an iPad, you have to get the keyboard dock. It’s a full-size keyboard with special keys that activate iPad features. I really like that the dock positions the iPad at the perfect angle for working on emails and documents. I especialy like working from my iPad and keyboard dock in coffee shops. (below)

8. The speakers are surprisingly good. I often dock my iPhone to my Bose docking station and the sound is incredible. I was surprised to find that the iPad’s internal speakers are very good. I find myself frequently listening to Pandora while I have my iPad docked on the keyboard and the sound is really impressive.

9. ESPN’s ScoreCenterXL lets me keep up with the OKC Thunder. Love me some Thunder! ScoreCenterXL lets me keep up with my team even when I’m in a hotel that isn’t showing the game. The app is optimized for iPad, refreshes quickly and gives me play-by-play updates.

I typed this blog post and published it right from my iPad while watching the Thunder play the Grizzlies. For sure, this is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever owned. The game is in overtime now so Ima wrap this up. 🙂