Inside the Zappos Contact Center

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I will be speaking at the Contact Center Expo in Nashville. I’m very excited about my presentation because I will be giving an in-depth profile of a company that I personally love; a company literally famous for customer service: Zappos. I have studied the Zappos service culture and contact center for more than two years and I’ve isolated the 5 keys that have made Zappos one of the most envied service companies in the world.   

  • Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW


  • Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority


  • Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers


  • Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well


  • Key 5: Surprise and Delight    


For the reference of my attendees and for sharing with my readers, I am posting the slides from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” Learn. Enjoy. Share.