Five Minute Friday – Waking up

Today I’m joining others in a five minute writing exercise called Five Minute Fridays. It’s simply an exercise of writing for 5 minutes every Friday on a presented subject. I hope you’ll play along, too. This has nothing to do with customer service. But it is an exciting exercise that I enjoy sharing with you, my clients, readers and friends.

Waking up

The day started off as good as any Professional Speaker could ask for. I had no conference calls, no event to speak at and no plane to board. A treasured break after the 3-day business trip I just returned from last night. I awoke with a smile as I thought about the easy day I would have.

As soon as my husband left to take the kids to school, I set my scene. I brewed a cappuccino, lit my gas fireplace, picked up my brown suede journal, and grabbed the very-worn sage throw from the couch. Within 10 minutes of my husband and kids walking out the door, I was nestled in front of the fireplace and journalling. I start most mornings by turning on my iPhone and iPad. But not this morning. This morning I’m totally unplugged.

After journaling my gratitude, gripes, and goals for 30 minutes or so, I got up and went out to my patio. It was gray, cool, windy and drizzling out. I stood still and watched the leaves of my neighbor’s Bradford Pear trees blowing in the wind. Above my head on the powerlines, a row of birds sang. Though it didn’t look like it or feel like it this morning, spring had just sprung. I stepped off the patio and walked barefoot in the grass, still sipping my white mocha cappuccino.

The spirit of gratitude I began on my journal pages continued in the form of spoken-out-loud praise as I walked along the north side of my house. I settled on my kids’ swing set. Mom always says it’s safe to start planting herbs and vegetables after April 15th because the last potential day for frost has passed. In three weeks I’ll plant Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, and Parsley. Still thinking about cucumbers. They didn’t do well last year. I sat on the swing a few minutes longer, sipping my cappuccino and feeling so grateful for this day; my life.