Five Minute Friday: On Distance

It’s my pleasure to once again be participating in Five Minute Friday…a simple 5-minute writing exercise. This week’s topic is “On Distance.” Enjoy. Participate. Learn more about Five Minute Friday.

On Distance…

I covered a lot of distance this week. On Monday morning I traveled 1700 miles to Monterey, California where I delivered a keynote presentation to a fabulous repeat client. I loved Monterey! My hotel room had a balcony that opened up to a meticulously landscaped garden. When I finally took my eyes off of the gardens and looked out straight ahead, all I could see was mountains and the Bay. So peaceful, still and really breathtaking. While there I enjoyed amazing food and great people. I even went for a 2-mile run in the gardens, inhaling and exhaling the crisp Monterey air. That 2-mile distance was the highlight of my Monterey trip.

But the Monterey bliss had to end because I had more distance to travel. On Wednesday morning I arouse at 2:30am to catch a flight to Little Rock to speak at a client’s conference…a grueling distance of 1900 miles.

My hotel in Little Rock was a wonderful surprise and delight. Service was friendly and attentive. The hotel restaurant served up some mouth-watering delicacies. I recall cleaning my plate at each meal and feeling a little embarrassed about eating so completely.

But the biggest delight of my stay at the Peabody in Little Rock wasn’t the food or the service. Right behind my hotel was the Arkansas River and a beautiful running trail. I had no idea such a beautiful treasure was within a few yards of my room. I couldn’t wait to get out there and add miles to my running log…more beautiful distance! But running had to wait. I was in Little Rock to speak.

After visiting with attendees for a few minutes after my morning session, I ran upstairs, got out of my suit, makeup and jewelry and put on my Nike running gear. I felt like Clark Kent going into a phone booth. Skipping the conference lunch, I hit the running trail where I ran a nice 3 mile distance. I returned to my room, showered and got all professional again and returned to the conference to deliver an afternoon session. No one would have guessed that I spent lunch running the Arkansas River!

I had been on the road for 4 days. That’s a long trip for me. While I was having a great time, I missed my family and it was time to go home. But before making the 267 mile trek home, I had to go to the river just one more time. The trail looked and felt a lot different from yesterday. It was cool this morning and tree branches were everywhere. A brisk storm tore through Little Rock last night. It was bad. Six people were killed. My heart was sad. As I ran, I prayed for the families that were devastated by the damage and death.

I ran 5 miles and it felt amazing. An exhilarating distance for me. Then I showered and headed home. I thought I’d rest when I got home. But instead, I shot hoops with my husband and kids and then my daughter and I went for a 5 mile bike ride. This was a long amazing week. I covered 3600 miles of distance by plane, 10 miles by foot and 5 miles on my bike. A beautiful distance I traveled this week.