How to Ask Customers Questions- The Bridging Technique

Questions are a double-edged sword for customer service professionals. We have to ask questions to get to the root of the problem, completely log issues, and in general, to serve customers. But very often a series of questions can sound like an interview. If  we’re not careful, a series of questions can come across as an interrogation.

Years ago, when I managed a small contact center, I realized that my team had to ask our customers 7 questions in order to completely log issues in our system. Seven questions is a lot. And through call monitoring, I discovered that our customers were annoyed with our questioning. So I began instructing my team to bridge to questioning and not simply jump into our litany of questions.

We can buffer the questions we must ask by simply bridging to questioning.  That is, make a statement to explain your series of questions before you launch the questions. Here are some good bridge statements:

  • “In order to determine what happened, I will need to ask you some questions.”
  • “Do you mind if I ask you some questions so we can figure out what has happened?”
  • “So I can assist you, may I ask you a few questions?”

These bridge statements make questioning a little easier on your customer.

 Another tip –  Be sure to use please and thank you in your questioning. For example:

  •  “May I have your zip code please?”
  • Thanks. I have one final question.”

You have to ask questions. Improve your overall customer experience by bridging to questioning and by using and please and thank you. When you do, your questioning won’t come across as an interview or an interrogation and your customers will feel better about the interaction.

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