How I Use My Website for Customer Support

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I started my business in 2001, just as websites began to take the place of expensive brochures and other paper mailings. On a mission to save money, market wisely and stay “green,” I never invested in brochures, letterhead or fliers. Never. One-hundred percent of my marketing literature is and has always been, online.

But I use my website to do more than replace expensive and wasteful print media. One of the most significant functions of my site is to improve my client experience while giving me more time. Here are the top 3 ways I use my website,

1. Client Self Support (CSS)
My site serves as a self-service portal for my clients. Clients can retrieve lost passwords for their eLearning suites, get technical support for live webinars, reserve a date for a keynote session, review my calendar, and get answers to frequently asked questions. My Online Assistant can place a hold on dates for Meeting Planners who are planning a meeting and even help clients execute agreements. This self-service allows my clients and visitors to get immediate help and it frees me because I don’t have to handle calls and emails for simple inquiries.

2. Make it Easy for Clients to Work with Me
My primary customer is the Meeting Planner who has booked me to deliver a keynote or a customer service training session. My website puts everything meeting planners need right at their fingertips. Meeting Planners can download my A/V requirements, print out my introduction, get details on my handouts, retrieve my bio for their brochures, download my high-resolution photos and learn how to arrange the room for my presentation right from my website. Meeting planners have often complimented my online tools, citing ease and quickness of use.

3. Customer Service Training Registration
Monthly I host live customer service web seminars. When we first started organizing webinars, I spent a great deal of time responding to phone calls and emails to take registrations. Today, registration payments are handled 100% online without any human interaction. Customers register, get webinar handouts and login details and their receipts all online. This has been a great convenience for my clients and a tremendous timesaver for me.

Smart small and mid-size businesses use their websites as more than an online brochure. Optimize your site for client self-service. When you do, you’ll give your customers an even better online experience, and you’ll be blessed with more freedom. Explore my website for creative ideas on client self-service.