How Comcast Got Social Media Right

Comcast has been slammed in social media with viral videos, unflattering tweets and hard-hitting blog posts. But the company fought back and is now the pinnacle of “social customer service.”

Recently, I moderated a social media panel for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals and I was honored to have a member of the Comcast Social Media Team on the panel. I, along with my audience, was blown away with the effectiveness of the Comcast social media strategy. From my insightful panel discussion, here’s how Comcast is getting social media right.

Comcast has “Digital Detectives” who scour social media for consumer comments and complaints.

Comcast has made social media monitoring a full-time job. Digital Detectives don’t limit themselves to Twitter. They monitor blogs, forums, FaceBook, Yahoo Comments and more. The objective is to go where customers are, listen, and to make things right for customers.

Comcast Actively Engages Customers

When a Comcast Digital Detective picks up a gripe, comment or compliment, they immediately reach out to the customer. It’s common to see “Anything I can help with?” on the Comcast Twitter timeline. This engaging opening lets customers know Comcast is listening and willing to help.

Comcast doesn’t simply redirect customers to their website like most companies in social media. They handle and resolve issues right in social media.

It’s very common to see a tweet from a company on Twitter that simply asks consumers to “Please contact our Customer Care Department at 800-xxx-xxxx for help on this.” This offers no real help for consumers. Comcast Digital Detectives, on the other hand, roll up their sleeves and get to the business of resolving the issues. Here is just one example of how Comcast gets right on the problem.

Today Comcast is one of the most respected and benchmarked companies when it comes to social customer service. Go where your customers are, listen, and jump in to help. When you do, you’ll engage customers, build loyalty and protect your online reputation.

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