Don’t Steal From Me Like a Thief in the Night. Just Ask Me and I’ll Give it To You.


Last week I discovered one of my most popular blog posts was posted on another blog. Quite by accident, I made the discovery. My creative work was copied word for word. And there was no mention of my name, my company name or my url. My jaw literally dropped and I was in shock.

I left a kind comment on MY post on this blogger’s site. Simply, I asked him to give me credit for my post and I gave him my tagline and contact information. I blessed the blogger, shook it off and moved on.

Curious, today I went back to the blog to see if the blogger was now giving me credit for my article. Nope. In fact, I found that not only was one blog post lifted from my blog, but 3 other posts that I wrote were stolen and featured right there on his blog!!! He carefully removed links back to my site,, and placed links back to his own site.

He even took each of the examples I used in my posts and used them as his examples. In one post I talk about my husband and I watching a movie. He replaced that line to say “He and his sister watched a movie”. I was sickened by the blatant theft. The entire blog had only 4 articles and they were all mine. Now I was livid!

So, I located the blog owner’s contact information and sent him a harsh rebuke and demanded that my four articles be immediately removed. That really meant deleting his entire blog since my content made up 100% of his blog.  The blog owner apologized and agreed to remove my posts within 48 hours. You best believe I’ll be checking up on that.

Here’s the deal. I love it when people reprint my articles. I write to help people. I write to inspire. I write to give hope. I want my articles read and disseminated. But I want credit for the work I do. I’m teaching Business Ethics right now. I am preparing my students to enter the work world with the ability to make good decisions, to protect their organizations from liability and to be able to sleep at night because they’ve done the right thing. Theft of written work is unethical. If you want to reprint or feature my work or the work of any author, blogger or columnist. Just ask. I’ll give you permission. But don’t steal from me.