3 Things That Helped Me Easily Go From PC to Mac

I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. This wasn’t an easy decision for me. Change has always been a challenge for me and this would be a big change. I’ve used Windows all my computing life (except for a little DOS in high school). My biggest concern though, wasn’t the change. I needed to be certain I could run the applications that my business depends on. Applications like Word, PowerPoint, my live webinar streaming application and my office management platform.

Incredibly, I was able to make the switch from PC to Mac with virtually no learning curve, with no interruption of productivity and without sacrificing the customer experience for my clients. I made the smooth transition by integrating the best of both worlds…combining my new Mac with Windows.

If you’re a lifelong PC user who is itching to try out a Mac, but you want to be sure you can run all of our business-critical applications, know that it can be done and it can be done easily.

Here are 3 answers for the PC user who is reluctant to try Mac.

1. Mac is Microsoft Office Friendly. I made this discovery when I got my iPad. Mac (and iPad) users can create, open, save and share documents with PC users. Apple’s iWork suite lets users open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and users can easily share native Mac documents in Microsoft formats.

2. You can simply install Microsoft Office. If you have any reservations about Apple’s iWork suite, just buy Microsoft Office for Mac and you can work in the exact same environment you’re used to. I bought Microsoft Office, but I’m not sure it was the best decision. Office costs a little more than iWork and it does exactly the same thing.

3. Run Windows on Your Mac. One of the most important applications I use for my business is GoToWebinar. We host live webinars every month and we sell archived webinar recordings weekly. Much to my dismay, I discovered that GoToWebinar does not have a recording feature for Mac users. It never occurred to me that this would be a problem, as I’ve recorded live webinars from my PC for the last 8 years. With my new Mac I could broadcast live webinars, but could not record them and later offer them to clients. That was not going to work.

My workaround for that problem was to install Windows on my Mac. Yes, you can do that. Using Parallels Desktop software, I can pull up Windows on webinar days and it’s like I’m running a computer within a computer. Running Windows on your Mac can come in handy for any applications that are solely Windows based.

I’ve combined the best of both worlds and you can too. Today, I am enjoying Mac’s amazing features like Time Machine, the incredible Spotlight Search, speed and performance like I’ve never experienced and great apps. I also get to work in the Windows environment when I need do. If you’re itching to make the switch from PC to Mac, I hope this blog post gives you some of the answers you need to make the best decision for you.