Why Not Brand Your 404 Error Page?

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I just happened to stumble upon a broken link on my website  and I noticed that the Page Not Found page was white with black text, dull and boring, just like all the 404 Error pages I come across.

And I thought, why not make that page fit in with the theme and brand we’ve worked so hard to develop? So I did just that. Now our 404 Error page has the same color scheme, logo, and friendly tone that all of our web pages have.

Instead of reading “Page Not Found” our error page now reads:

We’re So Embarrassed!

We can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for.

Here’s why this may have happened:

  • We have a bad link out there – and we’re fairly certain Myra, the Customer Service Expert doesn’t know about this!

  • You may have typed the page address incorrectly.

  • Our web server is acting up. 🙁

You can always call, get online help with Myra’s Online Assistant or email us.

Call: 866-873-8419

Branding your 404 Error page is small thing, no doubt, but if you do it right, it can make you stand out. So why not brand your 404 Error Page?