Did You Miss My Zappos Webinar? Get Your Zappos Culture Book?

Two weeks ago I hosted one of my most well attended webinars ever…”Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” In this exciting and inspiring webinar, I took my clients inside Zappos to give them ideas and strategies for creating a service culture within their organizations. I had a ball sharing my insights on the Zappos experience based on my position as a loyal Zappos customer and a customer experience researcher.

Feedback after the event was stunning and feedback like that always makes my day.  During the webinar I talked about the Zappos Family Culture Book and right during the webinar several people ordered the FREE book. You might even want to grab your copy of the Zappos Culture Book too. Details for getting your free culture book are at the bottom of this post.

Thank you so much Myra. I know we were not the only ones but the response from my staff drives me to say thank you for what felt like a Webinar just for us. It reawakened my supervisors / managers who attended and spurred commitment that rang true. We watched some Zappos videos on You Tube after your presentations.

Rawle A. Dundas
Director of Customer Services
Unicomer (Guyana) Inc. 

For those of you concerned with delivering the very best customer experience within your organization, I am happy to offer a recording of my web event, “Inside the Zappos Contact Center.” In this 60-minute webinar I share 5 Keys to Creating a Magnificent Customer Experience…

  • Key 1: Live and Deliver WOW
  • Key 2: Focus on the Customer Experience as the #1 Priority
  • Key 3: Make Emotional Connections with Customers
  • Key 4: Treat Employees Very Well
  • Key 5: Surprise and Delight

Read the full outline of this recorded web event and get your video recording of Inside the Zappos Contact Center today. Also, grab your Zappos Culture Book.

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