Why I Run

(My Pearl Fuel running shoes. I’ve run 336 miles in these shoes!)

Last Saturday I returned from my 8 mile run hot, sweaty, stinking and exhausted. My visiting nephew sarcastically asked, “Why are you running again?” I smiled and said, “Good question Anthony.” As I recuperated on my patio, I thought about Anthony’s question. Why do I run?

Running is hard work. It’s time consuming. And it makes me stink. I’m sure Anthony smelled my funk. And he saw that I was a hot mess. But even with the sweaty hot mess, running makes me feel so amazing.  After thinking about my nephew’s question, I realized I run for 5 reasons…

  1. When I run I am me in the raw. No makeup, no jewelry, no body shaper, no fronting. Just the real me. How often do we get to be so free, so real?  This feeling of authenticity is exhilarating to me.

  2. Running is a spiritual experience for me. Most of the time I run sans music. I spend much of my run time expressing gratitude to God, praying for my family, and relishing nature. There’s nothing like spending 6, 7 or 8 miles in reflective prayer. My runs are very spiritual.

  3. Of course, there are the health benefits. I consciously reflect on how every step I take is blessing my heart and lungs. I love knowing I am improving my quality of life on every run.

  4.  I run because I can. I’m blessed with mobility and the physical ability to run. I run simply because I can run.

  5. Running has given me incredible legs.  I have been amazed at the transformation my legs have gone through as I’ve gone from the couch to long-distance runner. My legs are toned, shapely and sexy.

The bottom line is I run because running makes feel good. What’s a pastime that you enjoy simply because you can and because it makes you feel good?