You’re Not Selling Stuff. You’re Building Relationships.

Tonight I’m sitting at my desk preparing for a keynote I’ll deliver in Las Vegas next month on WOW Customer Service. In my presentation I’m going to feature a short video of the amazing Christopher Zane. I’m excited about this part of my keynote and I have to share it with you! Chances are you haven’t heard of Christopher Zane.  To a customer service researcher and consultant like me, Zane is a rock star. Let me tell you about him.

Christopher Zane started Zane’s Cycles when he was just 16. That’s a WOW right there. But it gets better. Today, Zane’s Cycles is one of the biggest bike retailers in the United States. Zane’s sells bikes ranging from $129 to more than $2,200. But Christopher insists that he’s not selling bikes, he’s selling service.

Zane built his ridiculously successful business by building relationships with customers, fiercely focusing on WOWing customers at every touch point and empowering employees to do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. Zane’s is THE benchmark for creating a customer service culture and achieving growth based solely on the customer experience.

Here’s a short interview with Zane where he discusses his focus on the customer, not his bikes.

I think my client is going to love hearing about Zane’s focus on the customer and I’m gong to show them how to create a similar customer service culture. If you’d like to talk to me about delivering an engaging, measurably effective customer service keynote at your conference or convention, please visit my Contact Page and my Online Assistant, Jamal will answer your questions and discuss the particulars of booking me for an awesome keynote.