How to Give Constructive Feedback to an Employee, Co-worker or Boss

Need to give an employee, co-worker or your boss constructive feedback? Watch this short video to get 3 great tips for giving your feedback constructively.

Learn how to nip unacceptable employee performance in the bud. Join me for a very special professional development on-demand webinar event.

Managing to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Performance New On-Demand Webinar

 How to get the productivity, cooperation and results you need

without incurring resentment or damaging relationships

All who supervise people will gain tactical insights to help them bring out the best in people at their worst – in such a way that doesn’t cause resentment

In this web seminar you will learn:

  • How to act—not react—in a negative situation
  • How to give constructive feedback with much more ease
  • How to approach employees about problem behavior in such a way that minimizes hostility and defensiveness and maintains esteem
  • How to set measurable performance standards and communicate them to your employees
  • The most effective way to talk to an employee about an attendance problem
  • Savvy techniques for dealing with the whiner, tank, think-they-know-it-all, and negative employee
  • What to do when the problem persists: How to conduct a formal discipline conference
  • When to terminate
  • And much more

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