I Love the Way My Client is Promoting Their Customer Service Culture

(Mirror with my client’s customer service mission statement. Pretty creative, don’t you think?)

Last week I unveiled a new “Customer Service” mission statement to one of my clients in a very festive, high-energy staff meeting. We’re working on ushering in a customer service culture. We formed a Client Service Committee to help with the culture. This committee is productive, prolific and just a ball to work with.

One of the committee members had a brilliant idea to put the mission statement on mirrors that could be affixed to employees’ computer monitors or placed on desktops. The idea is to keep the customer service mission statement top of mind. The cool mirrors actually serve a dual purpose. We want employees to glance at the mirrors and be reminded to put a smile on their faces so the energy of an effervescent smile comes through the phone while they are speaking with clients.

The mission statement mirror looks fantastic and it’s such a bright and compact way to keep the mission top of mind. Do you have a mission statement, catchphrase or theme you want to creatively get across to your employees? Want to also remind employees to smile while speaking to customers on the phone? Why not do what my cool client did and put your message on a mirror? This is a fun way to get a message across and keep it top of mind.