This is Freedom to Me

My daughter embracing her freedom

This morning I enjoyed a long leisurely breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast cafes with my girlfriend from junior high school.  After the perfect spinach and tomato omelet and lots and lots of laughs, I said goodbye to my friend until next time and I came home and retreated to my patio. I picked up my iPad to finish the last few pages of “Freedom” a novel by Jonathan Franzen. As I finished Franzen’s masterpiece of a novel, I was reminded that freedom is truly mine.

I put my iPad down and walked barefoot through my lawn, thanking God for my freedom. Instead of being cooped up in a cubicle, stuck in a boring meeting, or jetting off on a plane, I had just spent the morning catching up with one of my closest friends and now I was soaking up sunshine, enjoying a breeze and barefoot in the grass. This is freedom to me.

When I left my Big Time corporate job 11 years ago, it wasn’t because I didn’t like the job. I actually loved it and I worked with some pretty amazing people. But I didn’t feel free. I worked an average of 45 hours a week, was on a plane a couple times a month and my 8lb laptop came home with me every night.  I left my job because I wanted freedom. Of all of my accomplishments as an entrepreneur, my most prized achievement is gaining true freedom. Certainly I still work. But now I work lakeside, on my patio, and from my home office. And the best part is I control my calendar. My calendar doesn’t control me.

What is freedom to you? What choices might you make today to get you closer to your freedom?

A year from now you may wish you’d started today.

–Karen Lamb

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