My Keynote at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on “The Super Bowl Customer Experience”

(I shot this photo just inside Lambeau Field)

Last month I was honored to be the keynote speaker at SOCAP Wisconsin’s “Super Bowl Customer Experience.” The meeting was appropriately held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

One of great things about my work is that I get to travel to cool places and meet super cool people all the time. But I have to say that speaking at Lambeau Field ranks among my top fav venues. And the people were just awesome. Audience members had fierce energy and most wore the beautiful green and yellow Packer’s jerseys. We gathered at the home of the World Super Bowl Champs to talk about champions of customer experience. My keynote focused on the Zappos customer experience.

My Zappos keynote delivered powerful insights into how Zappos approaches Quality Monitoring, social customer service, and emotional connections, among other things. There was a buzz going during my keynote. People were sharing creative ways they WOW customers in their own organizations, group brainstorming to help others overcome challenges was powerful and we all just laughed and learned together.

I was so pumped about my Zappos keynote that I thought I’d tell you about a webinar I recorded on the Zappos customer experience. If you’re looking to improve your customer experience and you want a powerful benchmark for how to postion contact centr employees to make emotional connections, wow customers and build fierce customer loyalty, I don’t think you want to miss this web event based on my “Super Bowl Customer Experience” keynote.

What I’ve Learned From the Zappos Contact Center

In this special webinar I share with you some of my biggest “Ah-ha” moments from my 10-year benchmark study of Zappos. We explore Zappos hiring, core values, quality monitoring and more.

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