This App Helps Me Get Things Done Faster Because It Takes Me Straight to a Person’s Voicemail: “Straight to Voicemail”

In a recent keynote to the National Speakers Association Oklahoma Chapter, I shared “5 Apps I Can’t Live Without.” That portion of my keynote was a big hit and people are still emailing me and tweeting me for more information on the apps I talked about that day. I shared my favorite apps to show my clients how to work smarter, not harder. One of the apps I shared that day is “Straight to Voicemail.”

Straight to Voicemail is a really cool app that lets me dial right into the cellphone voicemail of my friends, customers, and family. This comes in handy when I just want to “touch base,” don’t want to get into a long conversation and when I just need to leave a quick message. I find that I’m able to keep in touch with friends and clients really well because I can knock out 3 or 4 calls in just a few minutes by going straight to voicemail.

This app can help you stay in touch and be more responsive to customers. Imagine being able to leave a customer a quick message or just calling to stay in touch. There’d be no need to put off calls because you know you would only be on the line for a few seconds. Just this morning I left a client a voicemail using this app, saying, “I hope the first day of your new Quality Monitoring program is a success. Call or email if I can be of any help to you today.” Sure, I could have said the same thing over email, but in this digital age, phone calls are sometimes refreshing. The cool thing about this app is it can be used from landline phones too. (Just dial 267-759-3425 from any landline or mobile phone.)

Dozens of my audience members began pulling out their iPhones, Droids and Blackberries to download this app as I talked about it that day. So, enjoy this little app tip. This app just might help you deliver a more personal and responsive customer experience.