The Calming Gift of Water

The wishing well my son and I saw yesterday. (Click the photo enlarge.)

As my son and I were leaving the mall yesterday, I saw a beautiful wishing well. It was right behind Santa’s Workshop and the area was loud, busy and crazy crowded. My 8 year old son, Warren, was irritable and ready to go. He hadn’t wanted to go to the mall in the first place. I touched his shoulder and pointed at the wishing well without saying a word. As if magical, the water seemed to calm him just as it captivated me. The picture above is what I shot yesterday afternoon.

For so many of us, this is a crazy busy time. We’re closing the loop on year-end projects at work, setting corporate goals and strategies for the New Year. And all the while we’re Christmas shopping, planning for big dinners and house guests, taking time to attend our children’s holiday programs at school and evening holiday parties. It can get overwhelming.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and life, I invite you to turn to the water for calm. Water represents refreshment, motion, reflection, blessing, transformation and clarity. As I stood there watching the beautiful wishing well with my son yesterday, I let the water just bless me. Right now it’s cloudy and cool and I’m watching the soft rain fall outside my office window. Just watching the rain has brought me to a place of calm and refreshment.

After my son watched the wishing well for a couple of minutes, his attitude transformed from cranky to utterly amazed. May the water bless you as well. Your blessing of water might be rainfall, a wishing well, a tall glass of water or an hour-long soak in your whirlpool bath. As soon as I publish this post, I’m heading out for a run in the soft rain. And then I’ll soak and reflect in my whirlpool bath. Ahhh…the gift of water.