Videos from My Zappos Presentation to ICCA

Yesterday I presented “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” for one of my favorite clients, International Contact Center Association (ICCA).

I crafted and presented my session with these goals: To inspire organizations to make customer service their number one priority (not just talk about it, but be about it) and to create the very best customer experience by positioning people, policies and processes to give customers the level of service they expect and deserve…and to even surpass customer expectations.

The best example of an outstanding customer experience that I’m aware of is Zappos. In my presentation, I took my audience inside the Zappos Contact Center to meet some of the amazing people behind the Zappos Customer Experience. We looked at the Zappos’ core values, fun culture, and the company’s commitment to WOWing customers at every touch point.

I promised my attendees I’d post the videos from my “Inside the Zappos Contact Center” the original presentation.  Below you will find those videos.

Holiday Helpers

This video shows the fierce commitment to giving customers the very best experience and the spirit of cooperation of employees that makes the amazing customer experience possible.



What WOW Means to Zappos Employees

I stressed to my audience that WOW couldn’t be just a buzz word or flavor of the month, it had to be a real and consistent commitment. This video shows what WOW means to Zappos employees.


Core Value of the Month Award

Zappos takes very good care of its employees. This award “ceremony” is the perfect example of that.

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