Before You Send That Email to a Customer…

Last week I talked to you about how to ruin your corporate reputation in just one email thread and I shared an email exchange that just takes the cake. I got a lot of reaction from that blog post. People were utterly appalled at the content and tone of the emails a company representative sent to a customer.  Many asked for permission to share my example with their employees. Lots of Customer Service Supervisors and Managers emailed me asking for tips on how to ensure their employees are not sending out bad emails to customers. One thing’s for certain: People are concerned about their email communication with consumers.

For those of you concerned with how your employees are communicating with customers over email, I am holding a 90-minute webinar entitled “Before You Hit Send” to help companies craft professional and friendly emails to customers. The webinar will be held February 16th at 1pm ET. If you miss it, you can get the recording. Below you will find the details.

Myra is often called into companies to help them overcome the perception of “robotic” email responses and to help employees craft personable and friendly emails to customers. In this very special web event, Myra brings her “email intervention” to the public. Join Myra and learn how to craft personal, friendly, error-free emails that not only address customer’s issues, but also leaves them saying “wow.”

What will you learn? Here’s a preview.