Chick Fil-A WOWs During Lunchtime In the Pouring Rain!

Chick Fil-A wowed my friend Allyson once again. Allyson texted me this:

 “I’m at Chick Fil-A and amazed once again…it’s pouring rain and managers are outside in fluorescent raincoats, umbrellas, headsets and taking orders. Brilliant!”

A couple days before Allyson sent this text, she told me about how Chick Fil-A managers were quickly getting customers through the drive-thru during the lunch hour, leaving the competition across the street in the dust.

Every business has peak seasons and busy times. You know what those times are. Chick Fil-A knows that lunchtime during the week is very busy. Managers at Allyson’s Chick Fil-A get out of the store and proactively serve customers so that people can get their lunch quickly and be on their merry way. A rainstorm doesn’t stop the managers. Lunchtime is still busy. Customers are still in a hurry. Managers simply put on their fluorescent raincoats and get on to the business WOWing customers.

Managers, you’re up. How might you roll up your sleeves and help your employees deliver a faster, smoother, and better customer experience during peak times?

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