Aubrey at Starbucks Impressed Me This Morning

Starbucks on my Patio by Myra Golden
Starbucks on my Patio, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr.

I have two kids who keep me busy and there is always something needing my attention with my business. So, I spend a lot of time in fast-food drive-thrus. I know. I can certainly find healthier options, but that’s another blog post. While in a drive-thru for fast food or a coffee shop, my radar is naturally up and I am always thinking about ways drive-thru employees and their companies can improve upon the customer experience.

This morning after dropping my son off at school, I went to Starbucks. I go all of the time and the experience is always really impressive. Here’s how my drive-thru experience went at Starbucks today.

“Good morning. Welcome to Starbucks. What can I get started for you?”
I could just picture the lady smiling as she greeted me.

I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha, nonfat, with whipped cream.

“I have a Venti White Chocolate Mocha, nonfat with whipped cream. Your total is $4.19.  Aubrey will see you at the window.”
It’s a nice touch to identify the person by name who will serve the customer at the window. I can’t recall this happening anywhere else I go.

Aubrey was really quite amazing. When I got to the window, she greeted me with a warm smile. She gave me my total, took my debit card and while waiting for my latte, she made small talk. “How’s your morning going so far?” she asked. While we talked, Aubrey faced me squarely, maintained eye contact and smiled genuinely. She was personable and confident. She’s the kind of person I’d love to have working on my team. When my drink was ready, she read the label to confirm that I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha latte. Aubrey ended the experience by telling me to enjoy the rest of my day.

Starbucks has mastered the warm customer experience. Creating a warm experience for your customers makes you memorable, gets customers talking, and it facilitates relationship building with customers. What are 3 things you can do to make your customer experience warmer and friendlier? Right now, identify 3 things you can do…and then take the first step.

Want Your People to Deliver a warm and friendly customer experience like Starbucks?


How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections

On Demand Webinar – A video recording that you can download immediately and have forever.

The biggest problem with the customer experience in most companies is how employees talk to customers. All too often, employees come across as indifferent, cold, uncaring, rushed or rude. This employee “attitude problem” can be the tipping point that sends customers to the competition. This attitude problem is what drives customers to tweet and blog about a poor customer experience. The great news is, with the right training, monitoring and coaching, employees can learn how to soften tones, truly convey empathy, make customers feel taken care of and even make memorable personal emotional connections with customers.

In this extended training event, Myra shows your employees, step-by-step, how to talk to your customers. You’ve gotta read this outline!

View outline/download

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Myra Golden is an author, trainer and keynote speaker who has been helping companies for over twenty years to improve the customer experience through her customer service training workshops. Myra has a master’s degree in human relations and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, helping her to understand the challenges of developing the best customer experience as it relates to the psychology of the employees. Myra has helped Verizon Business, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Michelin Tires, Frito-Lay, Vera Bradley and many others improve the customer experience through her training. She was named one of the Top 10 Customer Service Bloggers by Huffington Post and she is the co-author of Beyond WOW!

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