Slides and Videos from my Keynote at Contact Center Association

In a couple of hours I’ll be on a plane to Orlando. I’m headed off to speak at the Contact Center Association conference to present my Zappos keynote. For the reference of my attendees, I am posting a copy of my slide deck here. Additionally, I’m sharing with my participants 3 videos from inside the Zappos contact center.


Click here for your copy of the handouts

Holiday Helpers

This video shows the fierce commitment to giving customers the very best experience and the spirit of cooperation of employees that makes the amazing customer experience possible.


What WOW Means to Zappos Employees

I’ll stress  to my audience that WOW couldn’t be just a buzz word or flavor of the month, it had to be a real and consistent commitment. This video shows what WOW means to Zappos employees.

Core Value of the Month Award

Zappos takes very good care of its employees. This award “ceremony” is the perfect example of that.

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