Managing the Customer Experience for Big Customer Events

Yesterday I took my daughter to a sporting goods store for her cheerleading fitting. I was dreading going because the store is always crazy crowded on fitting day and of all days, yesterday was the kick-off for the store’s annual Tent Sale.  As we approached the parking lot, I saw masses of people and I quickly decided to drive past the store and park in the next lot. Much to my surprise, Midwest Sports had parking lot attendants in the next lot directing traffic. I was told where to conveniently park and parking was easy.

Because I was in the lot next to the store, my daughter and I had to make a short trek to Midwest. There was about a 2-foot drop from the lot we parked in to the lot where the sports store was located. Midwest had put in a temporary wood bridge to make it convenient for customers to cross the lots.  My reaction was “WOW!” Midwest Sports had thought of everything. Midwest Sports did an outstanding job of managing the customer experience on this exciting and busy day. They proactively identified challenges and developed solutions so their customers would enjoy a smooth shopping experience.

The bottom line

Take the time to identify the parts of your service experience that may be challenging or confusing to your customers and proactively develop a workaround so that your customers can enjoy a smooth, easy, and pleasant experience. When you do, you’ll increase your chances of satisfying and retaining your customers.

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