Pappadeaux Delighted Me with an Amazing Customer Experience (and heavenly key lime pie)

Last week I had a 2-hour layover at Houston Hobby airport. It was only 10:15am, but I was in the mood for lunch. I had breakfast before 6am and I was hungry. I walked up to the hostess at Pappadeaux and asked if they were, by chance, serving lunch. The hostess greeted me with a contagious energy and said, “Yes, we are! Can I get you a table for one?” She then asked what time my flight departed and she wrote the time down. That little gesture let me know that this restaurant understood the urgency of busy travelers who need to both eat and make a flight. The lovely hostess made small talk as she walked me to my table. At my table, she told me the bench had plenty of room for my luggage and that an electrical outlet was just inches away, should I need to charge my cellphone or laptop while I dined.

Lunch was an absolute delight. I enjoyed pecan-crusted tilapia, perfectly steamed green beans, and creamy mashed potatoes. I topped that delight off with key lime pie. Felt a little guilty about the key lime pie since I haven’t been real consistent with my running lately.

You know customer service is my “thing.” And since you know this, you also know that I don’t miss moments of magic like this. The hostess at Pappadeaux was freakin awesome! By blessing me with her energy vibration, writing down my flight time, and pointing out the electrical outlet, she conveyed that Pappadeaux was all about the customer experience. The hostess brightened my day, gave me a refreshing customer experience, and gave me a story I could share with my clients and blog readers. In fact, the next day when I delivered a full-day workshop at Johnson & Johnson, I shared my Pappadeaux story and had my attendees discuss ways they could create similar moments of magic with their customers.

The bottom line: Psychologists tell us we only have 4-6 seconds to make a great first impression. The hostess at Pappadeaux seized that opportunity in just about 6 seconds. How can you WOW your customers or clients within the first few seconds like Pappadeaux wowed me? Seriously, give this some thought. And then go for it!

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