What I’d Tell the Tag Agency Owner If He Asked Me for Advice on His Customer Service

Last Friday I made my annual trip to the Tag Agency. I went to a tag agency I’d never visited before and got caught up in a 45-minute nightmare “assembly line” service experience. It was truly unbelievable.

I was there to renew my tags. A simple process.  At my usual tag agency, I walk up to a clerk, hand over my registration postcard and my insurance, and my information is entered into the computer. I then pay, and I leave. This simple process was butchered at this tag agency.

I presented my registration information and insurance cards and then was told to have a seat and someone would call me to take my payment. That was odd. Why not just make my payment right now? I waited about 12 minutes for my name to be called. When I approached the clerk, she took my debit card, and I was told to have a seat until it was time for me to sign for my debit card payment. Odd. Really strange.

Another 10 or so minutes passed, and I was called up to sign for my debit card. I was then told to have a seat while my information was entered into the computer. Seriously?! About 6 minutes passed, and I was called up to get my registration receipts. AGAIN, I was told to take a seat and to wait. This time I was to wait for my tag stickers. Whatever.

This is the seating area where customers like me were asked to wait.

Take a look at the chairs. Naturally, I chose not to sit.

This Tag Agency really could benefit from my process improvement consulting. They took a simple process and turned it into an assembly line. Why? The assembly line approach didn’t speed things up. It only slowed down the process, kept customers in this filthy facility longer than the law should allow, and it frustrated nearly every customer present. If this Tag Agency owner asked for my advice, I’d say ax the assembly process. It’s stupid. It slows the process. It makes no sense. I’d tell the owner to clean up the place. Clean the carpet. Replace the raggedy chairs. Add some décor and some air freshener. But, nobody asked me.

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