You win some. You lose some.

 Portrait of a smiling business woman with an afro in bright glass office 

I recently got booked for a keynote by a small company. The Meeting Planner loved me. She presented my credentials to the booking committee and they loved me. I had the green light and even a written confirmation of booking. But then, the Head Hancho abruptly put the breaks on. Apparently, he didn’t like me so much and he yanked the deal. In person he seemed to like me and even told me he’d be sending the check for my deposit right away. After 12 years as a full time keynote speaker, this is the first time I’ve had a deal fall through like this. I was tempted to feel upset and bitter. But I caught myself.

In my regular daily prayer and meditation, I granted my client the freedom to choose. My client has the right to change his mind and to make the choice that he feels is best for his organization. There is no benefit in me feeling bitter or questioning his decision. I simply must release this, bless the organization, and move on. I prayed for the success of my client’s annual conference. I prayed that the keynoter they ultimately go with knocks their socks off. I prayed for prosperity over the client’s organization. And then I let it go.

Give people the freedom to choose. Learn to let go. Bless others, even when they don’t do exactly what you want them to do. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some and that’s okay.