Put all of your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!

Photo credit: Myra Golden

Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.

Andrew Carnegie

If there’s one thing that I’ve mastered in my professional life, it’s focus. I started my speaking and consulting business in 2001 and since that time, I have fiercely focused on managing and growing this business. Over the years many people have tried to lure me into multi-level marketing organizations. Clients have offered me jobs with amazing salaries. Colleagues have invited me into “partnership” opportunities. I’ve easily turned down every offer. Speaking is what I do. Period. I don’t get sidetracked by doubt, negative thinking, other ventures, a recessed economy or a job. I have put all of my energy, thoughts, and capital into the basket of my professional speaking and the fruits have been sweet and endless.

Living your dreams requires putting everything into your dream basket. Whether that dream is writing a book, starting a business, singing, or anything, you have to give it all of your energy, positive thoughts and focus. That is the surest way to obtain your dream. Put all of your eggs in your dream basket and watch that basket.

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