Cheesecake Factory Forgot My Key Lime Cheesecake…But then they made me smile!

On Saturday afternoon my daughter and I swung by the Cheesecake Factory for a to-go dinner in between a spa appointment and my son’s football scrimmage. I got my favorite entrée, Jamaican Pepper Shrimp, and she got a chicken dish. Because I believe in loving myself, I also ordered a slice of key lime cheesecake.

We were in such a hurry that I didn’t check to ensure our complete order was in the signature Cheesecake Factory bag. I just assumed everything was there. I was heartbroken to get home to find my key lime cheesecake was not in the bag. Our schedule was too crammed for me to go back to the restaurant and I didn’t even have time to call. I did, however, enjoy every bite of my Jamaican Pepper Shrimp dish.

The next afternoon I went to and completed the Contact Form. I complimented the restaurant for a great entrée and expressed my disappointment in my missing slice of cheesecake. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the restaurant manager. He had a contagious energy vibe that instantly made me smile and I returned the energy vibe. The manager offered a heart-felt apology and made a great personal emotional connection with business-friendly small talk. He invited me to come back in for my slice of cheesecake and if that wasn’t convenient, he said he’d put a gift card in the mail.

I opted to go to the restaurant because it’s just a couple miles from my home. When I got there, I was greeted by Mark, a warm and friendly night manager. Mark apologized and we talked about his wife’s name, which is similar to mine. Mark and the manager I spoke to on the phone handled my missing slice of cheesecake so well that I am actually glad I experienced the mishap. I’m glad because I got to see Cheesecake Factory absolutely shine at the moment of a problem. They completely restored my confidence and managed to strengthen my loyalty.

What can you learn from Cheesecake Factory’s Problem Handling?
Take my experience with Cheesecake Factory and compare it to the way your business handles mishaps and service failures. What do you like most about Cheesecake Factory’s handling of my problem? What takeaways from Cheesecake Factory might improve your service recovery efforts? Problems are really opportunities for companies to make emotional connections with customers, restore confidence and strengthen loyalty. Take a tip from the Cheesecake Factory and make the most of problems your customers experience.