How Apple Got the Customer Experience Right

iPhone 5 by Myra Golden
iPhone 5, a photo by Myra Golden on Flickr.

I bought my daughter the iPhone 5, but I’m still rocking my iPhone 4s. Her iPhone 5 is faster, taller and far lighter than my iPhone 4s. But because I updated my iPhone with Apple’s latest iPhone software, I have tons of cool new features that make my iPhone 4s almost as cool as my daughter’s iPhone 5.

One of the many ways Apple creates air-tight customer loyalty is by consistently increasing the value customers get out of their devices.

Shortly after iPhone 5 was released, Apple announced iOS 6. The iOS 6 upgrade gave me over 200 new features for my iPhone 4s. All I had to do was download the software upgrade to turn my camera into a panoramic camera, get Siri to now make restaurant reservations for me or give me scores for my favorite teams and I now have a GPS on my iPhone. These are just a few of the more than 200 new features that increase the value and enhance the experience of my older model iPhone.

Increase the value of your service experience without increasing price and you’ll increase customer loyalty.

Apple keeps customers happy with consistent and valuable upgrades; FREE upgrades that enhance the customer experience in relevant ways. I can think of 2 other companies that enhance the customer experience with free valuable upgrades. Southwest Airlines and

Southwest Airlines Enhances the Flying Experience with Drink Coupons. When you fly 10 or more one-way flight segments in a calendar year, Southwest will send you four complimentary drink coupons if you are over 21 years old. Merlot in a plastic cup after a keynote and long travel day sure can feel really nice.

Zappos Offers Free VIP Status, Which Means You Get Lifetime Overnight Shipping for Free. I’m not sure what it takes to qualify for it, but I am lucky enough to have Free Zappos VIP Status. This means I get lifetime free overnight shipping on anything from

How might you increase the value of your customer experience without passing on cost to your customers?

Take the next step. Sit down with your team and explore how you might enhance the value your customers receive. How might you give customers more without charging more? What updates/improvements/upgrades can you offer to help customers maximize the potential of your product or service? Enhancing customer value inspires customer loyalty. Customer loyalty inspires bigger profits.

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