Pay it forward! When you do, you’ll put a smile on someone’s face.


While my husband and children were still getting dressed for my son’s basketball game this beautiful Saturday morning, I slipped out of the house and went to Starbucks for a latte. It’s January and yet my Starbucks still has one of my favorite fall lattes, Pumpkin Spice.

So, I get to the drive-thru window and the Barista says, “Your drink is already taken care of. The lady in front of you paid for your latte because the two cars in front of her paid for the succeeding customers.” Um, wow. That put a big smile on my face and it warmed my heart. It slowed my pace in my crazy busy morning. I couldn’t thank the lady who paid for my drink because she had already driven off. So I paid it forward by saying, “Well, I’ll take care of the person behind me.”

The gesture of the lady in front of me at Starbucks really did bless my day and I enjoyed sharing my story with my husband and kids and parents at my son’s game. My husband said he wouldn’t be surprised if customers continued to pay for customers behind them all day at that Starbucks. It wouldn’t surprise me either. I’m already thinking about how I might make someone smile by picking up a fast-food tab, buying a cup of coffee or buying a book in a bookstore. How might you pay it forward? I challenge you to find a little opportunity to bless someone’s day by paying it forward.