Be a Value-Adder

Last night

My husband texted me the score. Our son’s third-grade basketball team lost 16-7. I missed the game because I was at cheer practice with my daughter. When I got home, my son was polite, but quiet. I knew the loss would affect his mood.

I sat next to my son, Warren, on the couch and I asked about the game. “What did you do well?” He told me he scored 4 points and stopped 14 points with his 7 blocks.“ There was no emotion or pride in his voice. “Then you added value Warren. You contributed and you should feel darn good about that.” My husband then said, “Warren, the loss would have been more devastating without your blocks and your points. You did good son.”

To lift my son’s mood, I asked him to reenact his best block for me right there in the living room. My husband was the opponent and Warren shut him down completely! I loved it! Mission accomplished. My son’s spirits lifted and he recognized that he added value to his team.

Value. That’s really the point, isn’t it? Whatever we’re a part of, be that a sports team, meeting, department or cause, we must add value. My definition of value is the thing I’m a part of must be better because of my contribution. My son’s team was better last night because of the value he brought, even though they lost.  When I speak at a conference, my fierce focus is to make the overall conference better because of the value I bring with my presentation. In my corporate training programs, I must make the employees better and the company better in order for me to add value.

Be a Value-Adder. If the group or mission you’re a part of is not better because of you, you haven’t added value. Whatever you’re a part of today, a meeting, conference call, training, Bible study, make sure you add value. Make it, whatever “it” is, better because of your contribution.