How a Sanitizing Wipe from Timberline Steaks Made Me Say ‘Wow’ about my Customer Experience


So, I sit down for a quick breakfast in the airport at a friendly joint called Timberline Steaks and the hostess hands me a sanitizing wipe with my menu. What a wonderful value-added service! Airports are filthy. Our roller bags reek with germs.  Do you ever think about how many people have sat in seat 14C before you? Giving customers sanitizer in an airport restaurant is a warm gesture. It says, “We know you’re in a high-traffic area filled with germs and that you probably didn’t have a chance to wash before joining us.“ It says they care enough to be proactive, to go the extra mile.

What little thing might you add to your service experience to show customers you can be proactive and that you care? Think about that. Come up with at least one value-add and then do it. It doesn’t have to be something tangible. It can be as simple as committing to greet customers within 10feet or 10 seconds of them entering your store. Perhaps it ‘s taking a few seconds to make small talk with a customer over the phone. Get creative. 🙂