My Slide Deck From Today’s Presentations at Muskogee Success Expo

Today I am returning to the annual Muskogee Success Expo for 2 exciting presentations.  This year’s expo is dedicated solely to helping small businesses in the Muskogee area deliver the best possible customer experience.  My first presentation is, “The Telephone Experience.” In this presentation, I will give business owners powerful strategies they can take back to their businesses to dramatically improve the level of service they deliver over the phone. My afternoon session is, “The Reality of Customer Service.” I was asked to challenge business owners to think about what levels of service they find acceptable and then to inspire them to raise the bar and keep pushing to raise the bar even higher. My handouts for both events are below.  Enjoy. Learn. Share.

My keynote in Muskogee was in an old movie theatre. The theatre had a cool, retro vibe.


Session 1: The Telephone Experience

Session 2: The Reality of Customer Service

Top benefits of Myra’s keynotes:  

▪   Enhanced corporate reputation in eyes of consumers as you become an organization obsessed with not letting a customer walk away (or hang up) unhappy.

▪   Bring a sense of urgency and excitement to improving your complaint response strategy.

▪   Leading-edge ideas for using social media to find and respond to gripes about your brand.

▪   Proven systems for building a customer recovery strategy that regains customer goodwill and keeps customers from defecting to the competition.

Perfect for these audiences:  

▪   Annual conferences and conventions, in-house training sessions and panels (as a moderator or panelist).

▪   Leaders, including supervisors, managers, directors, heads of consumer affairs and marketing directors who want to retain more customers, rethink complaint handling processes, shape a customer service culture, leverage social media for customer service, and maximize customer service for PR.

▪   Contact Center staff, including agents, supervisors and managers who want to improve their ability to deal with difficult customers, use social media for customer service, and improve the overall customer experience.

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