How to Forecast Call Volume In a Small Call Center Like A Pro….Without Spending a Dime On Software

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I’m working with a small call center in a large city-county library system. One of my main focuses for this library system is to improve the overall efficiency of the call center and to drastically improve the customer experience that is delivered through the call center. One of my recommendations for improvement in this contact center is for my client to begin using a tool to help the library forecast call volume and to use this projection data to better schedule for coverage.

Certainly, there are great forecasting software packages available for my client to purchase. But, like I said, this is a small call center. I don’t want my client to spend money unnecessarily. So, here’s what I recommended for my client. I want them to use this free forecasting calculator that I found online several years ago. For a small contact center, this is a really great tool.

You need to forecast call volume so that you can schedule more strategically. Forecasting helps you reduce call hold time and serve customers more quickly because you’re strategically staffed throughout the day every day. Forecasting also keeps you from overstaffing. If you don’t already have great call center forecasting software, consider this free online calculator. This just might save you time, frustration and money.

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