Business Etiquette Essentials for Today’s Top Administrative Assistants (My exclusive keynote slide deck)

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I’m enjoying a late afternoon latte and going over my slide deck for my presentation at the Progressive Business Conference for Administrative Professionals. I’m really excited about this presentation and this audience.

With modern workplaces leaning towards more of a casual atmosphere, business etiquette is now more important than ever. How you present yourself, your professional manners & first impressions are all vital to enhance your career success!

This presentation is particularly exciting for me because I consulted with my sister, Terasita Bryant for some of the content in this program. Terasita is a certified professional in human resources and she is just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things human resources. Plus, I just enjoy talking to my sis!

My audience will learn the essentials for representing themselves with confidence, credibility and POWER and I cannot wait to share my ideas with them. As always, I am making my slide deck available to my audience and my blog readers right here. Learn. Share. Make change.