Surprise and Delight Your Customers with Technology – Here’s How Chili’s delighted my family with tablets

Chili’s has always been one of our family’s favorite dinner spots. Last night we went to a different Chili’s for dinner. We noticed immediately that each table had a tablet placed on the center. That was different.


The table tablets featured the entire restaurant menu, games, trivia, USA Today and sports. We thought that was so cool!

IMG_1484We ordered our food from the menu. Kept up with the NBA playoff game on the tablet (and the overhead television), played trivia and we even paid our bill right on the tablet.


The addition of a simple tablet at each table enhanced our dining experience. In fact, the tablet encouraged everyone to not use their smartphones (a problem we always have when we dine out). The tablet engaged the entire family, especially the trivia games.

Technology used in surprising ways never fails to impress customers. Remember how excited we were when the Apple store first started checking customers out on iPhones?

I challenge you to brainstorm creative ways to implement technology in your business to enhance the customer experience. When you do, you’ll surprise and delight your customers just like Chili’s did for us. 🙂