How to Improve the Student Experience by Flipping Your Classroom

Training & Development

Paying attention to the student experience and constantly improving on it is just as important to teachers as the customer experience is to corporations. We must learn to engage students and teach them the way they prefer to learn. In this post I am sharing a creative teaching method called the Flipped Classroom.

Consider flipping your classroom

The traditional method of classroom lectures combined with doing homework alone around the kitchen table is no longer effective for today’s high-tech, high engagement students.

Students spend several hours a week with mobile devices in their hands, online, watching videos and interacting with social media. You can tap into your students’ preferences by bringing what they love to do into your instructional method.

Flip teaching allows students to learn new content the way they like to interact: by watching video lectures in the comfort of their home online on mobile devices, and then working problems (old-school homework) in the classroom in small groups.

Flip teaching, also known as a flipped classroom, allows instructors to be more interactive with students in the classroom. It also gives instructors the opportunity to offer needed guidance during problem solving on activities that were traditionally assigned as homework.

Flipping your classroom is to simply have students learn content at home online and then work on problems, case studies and discussion questions in the classroom.

Teachers, I hope you’ll consider flip teaching. When you flip your classroom, your students will retain more content and they’ll enjoy your class far more.


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