This customer recorded his call into a cable company. I listened. What I heard made me say wow. Just wow.

So this call was bad. Really bad. All the customer, Ryan Block, wanted was to cancel his Comcast service. Ryan shared 8 minutes of the call on Sound Cloud for all of the Internet world to hear. My favorite phrase from the call is, “Help me understand why you don’t want faster Internet?” I’m still laughing!

Listen to this nightmare of a customer service call and then be thankful that you train and monitor your employees. You do train and monitor your employees, right?

Ryan Block, the customer

Click to listen to phone call.

Consider using this phone call in your customer service training sessions. Here are some discussion questions around the call:

  1. How would you feel about the company if you were the customer on this call?
  2. How likely would you be to spread negative word of mouth advertising either person to person or through social media?
  3. Beyond the customer in the call, how far will the impact of this call likely reach?
  4. What specific things can we learn from this call (what not to do, etc.)?


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