AT&T’s Text Customer Satisfaction Survey Impressed Me

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So, I was sitting on my patio surfing the Internet on my iPad and I came across this news story:

AT&T doubles data on high-end plans, starting at 15GB tier

The doubled data is part of a limited promotion, but customers who sign up keep that data for as long as they’re on the plan.


I have ATT wireless and data service for both my business and my family. So, yes, this caught my interest.

My first thought was, why didn’t ATT personally notify me of this promotion? I have much to say on this, but I’ll save it for a future blog post.

My second thought was, I have to sign up for this now.

The promotion is real. All you have to do, if you are a current (or new) ATT wireless customer, is call ATT and request the upgrade. I literally doubled my family’s data plan and that makes my children very happy. I don’t have to pay a penny more and I didn’t have to sign a new contract. That makes me happy.

I signed up for the promotional plan yesterday and today I got a survey from ATT about my experience. I was impressed with the survey and I want to share it with you.

The survey came via text. That impressed me. That’s fast and it’s cutting edge.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample 3

The initial text thanked me for calling and invited me to participate in a short 4-question survey. Four questions. Sure, I have time for that.

I responded to the first question and then boom. The second question arrived.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample 2

Within seconds the survey was over. But ATT was smart. They gave me an opportunity to free form explain why I answered the way I did.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample

Brilliant. This was their opportunity to get real feedback.

Text surveys are unique, fast and convenient. If a text survey is a good fit for your industry and product or service offering, consider reaching out to your customers via text.

Here are details on the ATT double data promo, just in case you’re an ATT customer.

DALLAS, Sept. 27, 2014 — Beginning Sunday, Sept. 28, AT&T is offering new promotional Mobile Share Value plans that include double the amount of data offered on Mobile Share Value plans with 15GB to 50 GB of data. New and existing customers who proactively sign-up by October 31* get 30GB of data for the price of 15GB** – perfect for families and small business customers.  AT&T customers will benefit from this offer, which includes domestic unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited international messaging from the U.S. to select countries. – See more at:


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4 thoughts on “AT&T’s Text Customer Satisfaction Survey Impressed Me

  1. worst service ever. A total of 7 hours on the phone for 2 days to not be able to get any information. I was transferred over and over to all departments to not even been able to get one answer. Looks like everyone wants to push you away by transfering you to other departments. A supervisor also hang up on me when I asked to speak to someone above her. Tired of this. Such a bad experience to begin with as a new customer. already looking around for other companies with better service.

  2. The absolute worst service! Today is Tuesday and I started this repair nightmare last Thursday. Spent an hour on the phone, no luck. Service call for Fri btwn 4 & 6 pm…no show. Another 45 min on the phone. Rescheduled for 8 am sat. Showed at 1030. Couldn’t fix another 30 minutes on the phone. Text rcvd and said I was a priority for Monday morning btwn 8 & noon. No show. Another 40 minutes on the phone…no record of reschedule! Was told that a specialist would call within the hour. No call. This morning a tech shows up and has been here 4 hours! Still working on the area pole. So, 5 days 10.5 hours appointment waiting time and over three hours in the phone. Meanwhile, no internet no work! Absolutely the worst customer service, lack of communication and extraordinarily long wait on the phone. Tried twice to call customer service. No return calls. The two techs were the only good thing…nice guys. These mergers and cost cutting efforts have really downgraded this company! Even their merger with Direct TV resulted in a 3 hour repair of me service. My phone had gone to Verizon and I will be researching new DSL service!

  3. I had called earlier today for my dad and was amazed on how Mrs. Ana was helpful and was kind and sweet. All the times that I had called before and got rude service. But today was different. I like Mrs Ana she is doing a great job at her job.

  4. ATT Has the Worst, WORST WORST WORST WORST service ever. The repair department is horrible. First you cant understand the people, when you open a Trouble Ticket they never work the Trouble Ticket. They ALWAYS close it out and then when you call back they say you opened the Trouble Ticket with the wrong department. And when you ask for a manager the send you to tear two. Just horrible horrible horrible service

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