7 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Training Sessions

IMG_0203(I once delivered a keynote in an old movie theater in Muskogee, OK! For break we had movie popcorn and soft drinks. Talk about spicing up a training!)


I’m sipping hot apple cider and being blessed by a Christmas scented candle while I read over evaluations from my recent training event in Minneapolis.

I love reading what participants loved about my creative and engaging training methods. Truth be told, I get pretty much the exact same feedback from session to session. I know what works.

Today I want to share with you the top 7 things people say they love about my corporate training sessions. I have neatly packaged these tips into an article I call “7 Ways to Spice Up Your Training.”


7 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Training Sessions


1. Tell a story….If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my stories. I teach with stories. I engage my audience with stories. Every major point I make in a keynote or training session is made through story.


2. Show a YouTube clip….Make it relevant and if it can make participants laugh or cry, even better.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes – In my Empathy workshops, I show the powerful video below. This video exercise truly gets participants to feel for another person.

3. Get participants to fill in blanks.I have sections in my training workbooks where participants have to fill in blanks in order to capture the concept. This is extra engagement and content reinforcement.

4. Have participants teach part of the session…In my full-day sessions, I divide participants into small groups of 5 and each participant is given a short handout with a technique. I tell them to take up to 5 minutes to read their handout and prepare to “teach” the other members of their small group the fundamental ideas on their handout. Each participant is then given up to 3 minutes to teach their topic to their small group. (Self Teach-Back is powerful learning technique that gets the participants actively involved in the learning. Research shows that people recall 93% of what they teach to others.)

5. Conduct a demonstration….Steve Jobs always included a demonstration in his keynotes. If it worked for Steve, it can work for you. In my How to Handle Difficult Customers training, I demonstrate Aikido! My audiences love it!

6. Include technology…. Recently I assigned a case study to small groups. Participants had to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to quickly conduct research to answer the questions from the case study. They loved that level of interactivity.

7. Direct participants to take notes….I realize this doesn’t sound exciting, but my clients love it. At least 3-4 times during my sessions I will say, “I want you to go to your note page and write down the 2 or 3 most important ideas you heard from this section.” This gets participants writing and it increases retention of your content.

Spice up your next corporate training session with one or more of these techniques. When you do, you’ll increase engagement, boost retention and you’ll be loved by your audiences.

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