Myra Golden Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

Myra 2010 001

I have gone natural. Or more accurately, I have returned to my natural hair.

For those of you not familiar, going natural is ditching chemical straighteners and wearing your hair in its natural state. My natural state is curly, kinky hair.

I chemically straightened my hair for 30 years. But I’m done with that. For good.

Most of you know me looking like the image above. But if you’ve had me in for a keynote or training in the past couple of months, you know me like this.

Myra Golden, Author, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

In March of 2014, I chopped off my chemically straightened locks down to just over a couple of inches. Now I wear my hair kinky, big and often wild. And I freakin love it!

I’m still the energetic, story-telling, high-engagement keynoter you’ve come to know and love. I just do my thing now with kinky hair! 🙂